Fulfill the Human Purpose

Help us bring positively-purposeful and community-inclusive performing art events to the grand stage of Patriots Theater at the War Memorial in Trenton, and be part of the legacy of returning this wonderful space to an epicenter for community. Read about our current and past events to see how we are putting principles into practice!

Next Event! April 27, 2019 -Gustavo Dudamel conducts the Princeton University Orchestra and Glee Club in Patriots Theater at the War Memorial!

Princeton University Concerts has generously made this rare opportunity to see a living legend of social impact through music a FREE event! Everyone entering must have a ticket, and Princeton has graciously allowed the Patriots Arts Coalition to distribute 250 tickets to 10 civic organizations throughout our region. Tickets to the public sold out in just 10 minutes, so the Patriots Arts Coalition is delighted to have been able to reserve opportunities for children and adults from: UIH Family Partners, Every Child Valued, Anchor House, The African American Cultural Collaborative, NAACP, Young Scholars, SERV Behavioral Health, the Greater Princeton Youth Orchestra, the Youth Orchestra of Central Jersey, and the Village Charter School to be able to attend this amazing community event!

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Recent past events!

The Patriots Arts Coalition created the civic engagement “Dress Up for a Night Out program for adults and families living in challenging circumstances to attend an upcoming symphonic concert for free- and receive free stylish clothes to dress-up and feel empowered by fashion.  The goal is to bring a memorable night of joy and create powerful feelings of broader community inclusion, sense of belonging, and inspiration as the participants celebrate their heritage in symphonic music with a concert that highlights great African American composers of the 20th century.

Dress Up for a Night Out Event Flyer.jpg

The Patriots Arts Coalition (PAC), in collaboration with the civic organizations Millhill Child & Family Development, HomeFront, the Boys & Girls Club of Trenton, and UIH Family Partners hosted our “Music and a Meal” to enable 150 Trenton youth to enjoy lunch and a concert at the Theater. Trenton youth enjoyed a great meal provided by the 1911 Smoke House BBQ and the Big Easy Of Trenton restaurants, watched a powerfully educational theater skit performed by Millhill Child & Family Development's PEERS, then attended a youth orchestra concert to see some amazing youth musicians shine on the grand stage. They also got to see some "behind the scenes" of how youth orchestras work together in practice and preparation.  It was another step in the right direction of utilizing the grand Patriots Theater at the War Memorial in Trenton as an epicenter of community- bringing people together from inside and outside of Trenton to enhance joy and provide opportunities to broaden horizons for everyone involved.

Youth Orchestra Festival Music and a Meal Flyer.jpg

Our “Music and a Meal” program was part of the inaugural tri-Youth Orchestra Festival- an opportunity for our region’s talented and dedicated youth musicians to perform on this grand stage, celebrating unity in the joy of orchestral music. Performing for a large paid audience in an opulent theater can exponentially advance confidence and character for our region’s talented young performing artists- and help them grow up to be the best they can be.

Youth Orchestra Festival Patriots Theater.jpg

PAC produced and hosted the epic concert “Pioneer Songs” this past November at the Theater.  135 performers (soloists vocals, choir, symphony, and narrator) delivered a powerful and deeply-moving performance of local composer and Westminster faculty Eric Houghton’s modern-day masterpiece.  The 15-song score tells the story of the first American pioneers traveling via wagon train to California in the 1840’s- it is a 2,000 mile musical journey that both entertains and educates through the glorious lyrics, vocals, and music. PAC considers this production to be more relevant to more people because it brings the audience into and along on a relatable human journey- and based on audience feedback that is exactly how others felt too.  If you missed this epic performance, you can view a 20 minute highlight reel here. If you want to see it live, contact us!

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A Nobel Peace prize nominee once said that humans love helping and giving to each other more than anything else. There are so many fun and exciting ways to do so in the grand Patriots Theater at the War Memorial in Trenton- planning and attending emotionally moving and enlightening events, helping our youth grow up to be the best they can be, creating opportunities to include and inspire children and adults living in difficult circumstances, sharing and understanding our diverse cultures and arts, reconnecting to our ancestral past, and honoring our freedom and those who fought for it are all powerful opportunities for helping and giving.  Add the cultural and economic revitalization of an entire city and you have a recipe for a lasting legacy in fulfilling the Human Purpose.  Sign-up to our mailing list if you would like to stay informed and participate in helping give the gifts of artistic joy and positive civic impact through events in the fabulous Patriots Theater!