Patriots Theater at the War Memorial

The stately appearance of the War Memorial is evident from afar, and becomes even more impressive as you walk up the stairs toward the imposing pillars of Italian-Renaissance inspired exterior architecture.  But that is just a prelude to the magic- be prepared to feel like going back a century in time as you enter the elegant Art Deco styled Patriots Theater, fully restored to its original nostalgic and romantic glory. The interior immediately reminisces of a time when architectural decor and the performing arts were considered luxurious yet essential parts of life.

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The Trenton War Memorial was designed by architect Louis Kaplan in Italian Renaissance and Art Deco styles. The building was dedicated to all those who served our country in World War I, and completed in 1932. The main theater features ground-level and mezzanine seating, adding to the romantic ambiance while insuring everyone remains in proximity to enjoy the stage performances. It remained a vibrant center for theater and arts through the early 1970s, until the theater fell into disrepair when the US steel industry and local manufacturing-based economy were destroyed by foreign competition. In 1986, the building was added to the National Register of Historic Places. In 1999, it was restored by the State and people of New Jersey to its original elegant and nostalgic appearance inside, and stately exterior appearance.  Modern sound systems were also incorporated at the time of the restoration.  The Memorial was rededicated to all those who serve to provide the peace, security, and freedom necessary for our society to be able to enjoy and appreciate the arts.

Without regular venues, the promise of what the theater stands for- honoring those who sacrifice so that we may all make a positive impact and experience joy and inspiration through the arts, is lost.  Become a Colleague of the Coalition of artists and supporters to reignite public interest and revitalize this romantic theater back to a celebrated center for the arts and culture.

What amazing events and cultural value can we create behind this exquisite red curtain?!

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